Starting a Company & Investor Relations 

Project planning

Presentation of objectives &

Project financing. Read more




Forschungsanträge erstellen, Kooperationspartner finden

Internationally successful are companies that interact with local partners and user groups in product development and research grant applications. Read more

Creation of a Company Identity 

With the use of recognition features, the efficiency of marketing can be significantly increased. Read more



Development of Sales 

Personal contacts with specialists among the users can be expanded to a multiplier of the sales activities. Read more



Bildverarbeitung eine Schlüsseltechnologie

My goal is to simplify processes.  I take expert dependent processes - automate & standardize them by the means of image processing - to make them accessible to everyone. Read more



Tissue Diagnoses for Clinical Testing

The development of a suitable surrogate marker can determine the success and failure of a clinical study. My expertize is to find the right marker combination and analysis algorithm.  Read more



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